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4 Next Unicorn creates resources in the fields of software, sales, marketing, and finance within its ecosystem, in collaboration with the next generation of investors and entrepreneurs, to uncover the next Unicorn company.

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We are together creating the Unicorn of the future.

4 Next Unicorn is a community that brings together entrepreneurs with big ideas and a relentless drive to bring their ideas to life. We aim to unleash the Unicorn of the future by providing visionary solutions in all the areas necessary for a venture to succeed.

We are a community of entrepreneurs and investors focused on creating the next Unicorn, equipped with the expertise needed in every aspect of a successful venture.

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How Can 4 Next Unicorn Benefit to Ecosystem?

At 4 Next Unicorn, the key shared characteristic of the projects we develop and support is their ability to integrate seamlessly. This enables each project to leverage the collective strength of our community and benefit from each other's success.


How to Participate

To apply for membership in the 4 Next Unicorn community, you can complete the application form based on the participation type that suits your preferences.

The 4 Next Unicorn community serves as a bridge between entrepreneurs and investors, supporting innovation and providing investment opportunities. It creates a fair ecosystem with features like democratic voting and revenue sharing. By offering team support to entrepreneurs, it enables brand identity formation and growth opportunities.

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The cryptocurrency owned by the 4 Next Unicorn community is called "NXTU". This cryptocurrency is used among community members for investments and transactions.
NXTU is used for project financing and investment transactions within the community. It can also serve as a means of payment among community members.
To become a holder of NXTU, you need to join the 4 Next Unicorn community. Once you become a member, you can purchase NXTU or earn it through participation in specific activities.
The value of NXTU is determined by factors such as supply and demand as well as market conditions. The growth of the community and the interest in projects can influence the value of NXTU.
NXTU offers the convenience of conducting investments and transactions within the community. NXTU holders can also benefit from opportunities within the community and have the chance to participate in the success of projects.

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